About Us

We’re Pink Octopus Books. We hope to empower women across the globe to fulfil their hearts and to live the life that they choose, with the one that they happen to love.

“You are fierce. You are determined. You are strong. You are so much more…”
The Power of Another Woman

This is our first fictional release and our initial entry into the market and the world of fiction

We’re a small team that work together to create magic

We’re the fictional imprint of AM8 International

This is the 11th text by A. M. Berge & first fictional publication


We’re a small team.

“It’s an internal struggle and a form of release.”
The Power of Another Woman

Built by a small team of multi-skilled professionals, they’re the true curators that allow the work of Pink Octopus Books to be brought to life, helped by our core team behind AM8 International.

With a Mission

To empower Women across the Globe

“…it’s gentle and powerful, it’s warm and filled with fire, it’s sensual and firm.”
The Power of Another Woman

AM8 International has been around since 2011. Pink Octopus Books was Founded in 2022 to accommodate the fictional work of A. M. Berge in contrast to previous non-fiction publications.

The Power of Another Woman was written for all women across the globe. Irrespective of how you identify, whether queer, straight, bi, same-sex or anywhere in between, it’s equally yours to read along with all women alike. Whilst men can read at their discretion, The Power of Another Woman is intended for Women.

We acknowledge that we might not be politically correct. We acknowledge that this isn’t for everyone. We acknowledge that not everyone will agree with our work. And we also acknowledge that that’s okay.

All orders are completed on AM8 International and your invoice will also show the name of our umbrella organisation.

Mature audiences are advised. The Power of Another Woman does use intermittent explicit language and frequent sexual references.

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“…to be told your innermost secrets that you’ve never spoken aloud…”
The Power of Another Woman

WelcomeS YOU

The Power of Another Woman

“…you deserve to be equal and settle for nothing or no-one that suggests less.”
The Power of Another Woman

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